Darling, you’re a star

A little bit post-season, here is Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The collection definitely has a farwest inspiration, which I love! My favorite elements of this lookbook are the coats, the star pattern and the jewelry. 

Model : Ashleigh Good


ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-1 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-2 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-3 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-4 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-5 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-6 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-8 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-9 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-10 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-11 ashleigh-good-chanel-2014-pre-fall-karl-lagerfeld-12


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