Feathers, feathers everywhere! …and some flowers.

While searching for coats with feather shoulder piece on the internet I came across a shop on Etsy called Rouge Pony (based in London). This girl makes beautiful floral headpieces and amazing shoulder pieces, which are not so expensive (around 70 -80$ CAN each). And with so many choices, it’s hard to pick one. You can easily pin them on a jacket, a blazer or even a dress. Here are some examples of what you can find on her Etsy page:


il_570xN.313210228 il_570xN.342391758 il_570xN.402273693_ducu il_570xN.414530874_5r3v il_570xN.460787367_pnqk il_570xN.509771586_eb89 il_570xN.540894136_gz5q il_570xN.596417172_g2bp il_570xN.596431914_t35p il_570xN.596671395_76yd il_570xN.598456165_qccu il_570xN.607267294_gkfc il_570xN.607327167_6sfq il_570xN.607340371_lsit il_570xN.629028748_h10i il_570xN.633316054_snoq il_570xN.652488503_hakx il_570xN.652968908_ix1a


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