“Holiday in Topanga Canyon” For Love and Lemons Holiday 2014 Lookbook

Yet again, For Love and Lemons’ lookbooks are ones of my favorites to look at. Most of the jewelry used for this shoot is made by Child of Wild (and that choker necklace with the cross WILL be mine). This lookbook is great for some holiday and everyday look inspiration!


images.3753.1413833118.lrg images.3757.1413833166.lrg images.3759.1413833180.lrg  images.3768.1413833270.lrg images.3774.1413833321.lrg images.3779.1413833364.lrg images.3780.1413833377.lrg images.3783.1413833394.lrg images.3787.1413833430.lrg images.3791.1413833462.lrg images.3794.1413833494.lrg images.3797.1413833532.lrg images.3798.1413833554.lrg images.3800.1413833566.lrg images.3807.1413833619.lrg images.3808.1413833626.lrg images.3818.1413833695.lrg images.3821.1413833742.lrg images.3822.1413833750.lrg images.3827.1413833791.lrg images.3830.1413833817.lrg images.3833.1413833877.lrg images.3837.1413833906.lrg images.3853.1413834096.lrg images.3857.1413834125.lrg images.3858.1413834130.lrg images.3859.1413834162.lrg images.3860.1413834168.lrg images.3864.1413835303.lrg images.3865.1413835348.lrg images.3866.1413836045.lrg images.3868.1413836271.lrg



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